• Disarmament

Paige sees the police as one of our main class enemies. Police in this country are a major institution of capitalist power. They are the violence that maintains the status quo. Challenging the consolidation of the power for violence with this terrorist organization, an organization that directly opposes working class interests, is a priority for her. Fighting back against the militarization of police, and removing opportunities for police brutality, terrorism, and murder is just a starting point for working class liberation.

Paige Kreisman supports heavy restrictions and regulations of firearm use by the Corvallis Police Department. She wants to see the average officer disarmed, and weapons safely locked away for only the most dangerous situations that require use of force. Paige supports a transition from police officers to unarmed, thoroughly trained social workers and mental health first responders who can address the same issues the police attempt to, without the threat of arrest and violence.

  • School Resource Officers 

The City of Corvallis currently allocates $325,380 annually for student resource officers in our public schools. Reports such as the ACLU's "Bullies in Blue" have routinely shown that Student Resource Officers pose more of a threat to students than they do protect them. Student Resource Officers also contribute to the school to prison pipeline that effects so many young people in our country today. Police officers in schools pose an increased risk to race, gender, and sexual minority students. Paige believes that terrorists do not belong in our schools. She is calling for the full removal of all police officers from Corvallis schools.

  • ICE

Paige firmly believes that ICE is a terrorist organization. ICE is the gestapo of our time. Paige upholds solidarity with the victims of these terrorists, and is committed to opposing ICE in our community. Paige supports the allocation of city funds to support those who are most vulnerable to ICE violence. She supports city funded "know your rights" training, and other support programs. Paige advocates for these programs as being city funded, but community led and operated. Paige supports an ordinance to criminalize ICE activity within the city limits of Corvallis. Paige believes that opposition to ICE requires radical solutions, and these positions are the bare minimum of opposition to this terrorist organization.



  • Rent Freeze

Like the Police, landlords are one of our main class enemies. A rent freeze is one small way that we can fight back against rising housing prices, homelessness, and gentrification. Paige supports an immediate freeze on rent increases in Corvallis.

  • Sight Unseen Rentals

The practice of landlords forcing tenants into sight unseen rental agreements is predatory, and disproportionately effects those who are most vulnerable in our society. Paige supports an immediate ban on forced sight unseen rental agreements.

  • Co-ops and Unions

Paige Kreisman pledges full support to housing cooperatives and tenant's unions. A major obstacle that housing Co-ops face is zoning laws. Having an ally on our city council will facilitate the opening of housing Co-ops in Corvallis for low income families.

Higher Education

  • Tuition and Book Freeze

Colleges and Universities are some of the most predatory capitalist institutions in America. They represent a class gateway, and an opportunity for the capitalist class to force workers into massive debt, before they even enter the work force. The current structure of our higher education institutions is nothing more than forced indentured servitude. Any ways that we can erode capitalist power in our higher education institutions will improve the lives of working class Americans. For that reason, Paige supports an immediate freeze on tuition and textbook price increases for all institutions of higher education operating in Corvallis.


  • Parks and Rec Reform

The fight against climate change is a fight against capitalism. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the world's global emissions, and the US Department of Defense is the world's single largest polluter. This fight is also being fought in Corvallis. Our Parks and Rec department has been waging a war on the homeless, and the battlefield is our parks. They have systematically torn out underbrush from our parks in an effort to prevent homeless people from hiding their camps. Not only is this a brutal and inhumane war on some of the most vulnerable people in Corvallis, but it also damages the local ecosystems in our Parks. Paige Kreisman supports an immediate end to Parks and Rec's war on the homeless.

LGBTQ+ Liberation

  • Q Center

Paige Kreisman supports a city led facilitation of a Q Center being opened in Corvallis, similar to the Q center in Portland. This will provide resources and support to the LGBTQ+ people of Corvallis. Paige supports this as city facilitated, not city funded or led.

  • More Inclusive Healthcare

In Corvallis and the Mid-Willamette Valley at large there is a huge lack of inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare. Paige would seek to facilitate free distribution of preventative medication for HIV, free testing programs, expansion of LGBTQ+ competent healthcare providers, including expansion of gender affirming healthcare services, and the expansion of medical providers that take the Oregon Health Plan.

Militarism and Imperialism

  • Resolution

Paige Kreisman condemns the presence of militarism and imperialism in our community. From the National Guard armory in her ward, to ROTC programs on OSU's campus, Paige rejects these inherently violent and oppressive institutions. Paige upholds solidarity with the international proletariat, and victims of US imperialism. Paige supports the passing of a city council resolution to make it clear that these institutions are not welcome in our community. Paige aims to work with the school board to push back against military propaganda in our school's curriculum.

*This platform will continue to expand as we work with voters to better address the issues that are effecting our community. Please contact us if you'd like to see an issue represented in our platforms.